What a difference a year makes

What a difference a year makes

On Friday, Lee Westwood lamented about his bad putting at Thailand Golf Championship as the golfer looked far from the glittering best which saw him with a magical sixty last year. Before the event, there was a speculation whether the English player could recreate previous year’s first round twelve-under-per-sixty that saw Westwood just missed out on a fifty nine – a score that had never been hit in any Asian tour.

The world No. 6 has discussed about that round that lit up the first ever competition at the Amata Spring course and prompted him to a 7-under-per victory as one of his top performances in his grand career. But this time, after 2 days, he was 5 under overall – 5 shots behind leader Daniel Chopra and had a huge way from his harsh showing in 2011.

While speaking about his 2011 achievement with Friday’s 2nd round where he toothed three under 69,Lee told that one does not shoot 20 under through 2 rounds often and when people does, they actually make a whole lot of putts. He added that, in the 1st two day, he made nothing and more than that he loft too many out there. He also missed several short ones that was the main difference.

Even though, Lee is still in the contest, he told that he had whole lot of this to do to keep the title with him. He also stated that whether he would be able to make more putts compared to what he made in the first two days.

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