Westwood sacks swing coach Foley

Westwood sacks swing coach Foley

Former world number one Lee Westwood has decided to ditch swing coach Sean Foley with immediate effect. Foley, who also works as the swing coach with the likes of Justin Rose, Hunter Mahan as well as Tiger Woods to name a few, worked with the Englishman for just a few months before getting the axe.

Speaking to an American media outlet about the split with Foley, Westwood stated that he decided to sever ties with him because he felt that the two of them were going in different direction altogether.

He went on to add that he wanted to improve with some of his technicalities in terms of swing positions and things like that but he didn’t think that Foley was someone who coached like that and so, it didn’t really fit in with what he wanted to do and what he was getting with Foley.

Lee Westwood began working with Foley hardly eight months back. The Englishman was ranked as high as number eight last season but at the beginning of this season, he has fallen as low to 33rd already.

He mentioned that he felt that he had that game back which had made him the top ranked golfer in the world and he felt he needed to work on things that he didn’t pay any attention to at that time and hence, it made sense to go back on work on those things.

The Englishman stated that the split was mutual and he bears no grudge against Foley. He stated that he wanted something else, importantly, a new way of teaching but he did enjoy working with Foley for those months.

Now, it is worth the wait to see if Lee Westwood manages to break his major duck this season or if he has to wait longer.

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