Westwood Promises Rebounce

Westwood Promises Rebounce

Great news for Westwood fans- The 40-year old esteemed English golfer has vowed to bounce back in 2014 after a dry 2013 season.

Amazing his fans throughout 2011 & 2012 with major wins at Nedback Challenge and Thai Golf Championship, Lee Westwood is going to end the 2013 season with no win unfortunately.

The English golfer who shifted to Florida this time cited the sudden immense changes in his life as an obstacle to secure wins this season. However, it’s not solely the change of his residence that he is counting as the hurdle behind a hard 2013. Added to the jet lag issue, there was the concern of new caddie, his tenure with new coach and the problem of inconsistency.

“Lax in continuity” is what the golfer remarked when asked about his tough times in 2013.

“Many changes, actually”, stressed the golfer while explaining his hard time on field this year. “It is kind of impossible sum up the effect these changes have brought in my career. Changing tours, new coach, changing caddies at the last moment- all of these are bound to effect.”

Westwood further mentioned of his struggles with swing consistency. The golfer was at the final stage of British Open yet could not make it to the trophy, losing out the championship to Phil Mickelson.

“I have been struggling with swing throughout the year”, added Westwood. “When you are a pro you can come up with positive results without a good hit. I could not get a proper hit in Open. I simply know the trick of getting around & I putted pretty well.”

However, in spite of his declined ranking at # 25 from an esteemed # 7, Westwood firmly believes that he is quite capable of a return the coming year. Albeit more number of changes are scheduled for 2014 yet the golfer assured that these are just meant for his travel plans- and won’t be affecting his golf like this year.

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