The British Open Championship was of the most disappointing so far for Lee Westwood. This tournament took place at Royal Lytham and St. Annes golfcourse.

Where very big names fought for the tittle along with Lee Westwood. On the first day of the tournament Lee scored five bogeys and s double bogey on the third hole at Lytham course. As well as he scored four burdies but that was not counted much. So, very first day his score was three-over par. After day two remaining he scored three-under par where he carded a birdie and a bogey on the same day in second round.

He scored five bogeys and four birdies at the third day which help him to climb up his score to four-over par.On final day he scored six-over par. The reason behind it is he had total five bogeys and five birdies on that day, but unfortunately a double bogey on the fourth hole made his score two-over par for the day. That made his score six-over par.

39 years old Lee Westwood finished the tournament tied as fourty fifth man with others eight player. After finishing the tournament he faced media and said he was not much expectation from it. You need break at an open that is why I just hit too many bad shots. He also added that he feels pretty cam at the major and he has given himself a lot of chances and he won quite a few.

So, Lee Westwood spent very badly his time in British Open. He got very big names for fighting but as per his performances he can not tackle properly. During the championship he scored many but that was not up to mark. This 40 years old supposed to face a black tournament so far inspite of making good scores.

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