Westwood Encouraging People To Grab Free Tickets

Westwood Encouraging People To Grab Free Tickets

Westwood Encouraging People To Grab Free Tickets ASAP
British Masters golfing tournament first round, which is going to take place in North East, is hosted by Lee Westwood.

The tickets for the event are out and there are ten thousand free tickets available to be grabbed in the North East.

Host of the tournament, Lee Westwood, announced that the free tickets will be given on the first come, first served basis. The tickets could be collected on March 3 from 9am. The first round of the event will take place Close House, Heddon on the Wall, Northumberland. The event will take place on Thursday 28 September.
By grabbing the free tickets, the fans of golf fans will again be able to watch world’s leading golfers playing on the field all for free.

Tickets for the other rounds of the event will be available on the counter for general purchasing. To know more about the dates of ticket issue, one can check the website PGT.

As far as prices of the tickets are concerned, then it will start from just £15. This is the price for an early-bird ticket that is available on discount. The early-bird tickets will be available till April 28.

In 2015, the British Masters event that took place at Woburn was hugely supported by the Sky Sports. And this year as well it is showing big support to the event. Westwood, who is in the role of host for this year’s tournament, is encouraging the people to take the advantage of initiative taken by the authorities. The player is using all modes of communication to encourage the people who have an interest in golf or have a background of golfing to not to leave the opportunity of grabbing the free ticket. For more information with regards to the event ticket, one can check the internet.

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