The Europeans Vs The Americans

The Europeans Vs The Americans

The last time that the Americans had won Ryder cup was in 2008 and Europeans have won seven out of the nine times the event has been held. The guys like Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood and Sergio Garcia consider most of the important event as road games.

What would be the scene if Americans too took part regularly. If they participated in most of the events such as go Argentina to compete against Angel Cabrera or to Spain to fight against Miguel Angel Jimenez or Japan to go against Hideki Matsuyama. Obviously it would not be nice.

The Americans have the benefit and advantage of being the host and home ground for a lot of big events. And so, the world rankings have always been a little biased towards them. However the Europeans have sent four major golfers for the events in comparison to U.S’s one. It is very common among the Europeans to cross the Atlantic and come to America to attend colleges there. The Famous European Nick Faldo has also spent almost a semester at the University of Houston. He also played for the same university when golf as a sport was at its peak. But they usually come with scholarships and do not stay for any longer than a year or two maximum.

There is another major difference between the American and the Europeans in terms of golf that the European players are much more independent unlike the Americans who are coach dependent. This is majorly because at the college level when they play there are many to give instructions. But when events like Ryder Cup are what you are up for it is not about how good or pretty a sweep you can play but it is all about getting the ball in the hole without fail.

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