Money Is Not An Issue For Tiger Woods

Money Is Not An Issue For Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has recently taken the wise decision of not being a part of the upcoming Ryder Cup because he wants to make sure that he recovers completely before he can participate in any of the future major golfing tournaments.

He had undergone a back surgery in the month of March this year and ever since he returned to the golf course his performance has not been impressive. Therefore people should not be surprised about the fact that he is taking a break from the Ryder Cup 2014.

The dire need of the time is to ensure that Woods’ back muscles can be healed completely so that any future health complications can be avoided.

It seems that money is not an issue for Tiger Woods because he is giving high priority to his health and recovery. Woods is going to lose a lot of money as he has planned not to participate in the Ryder Cup.

Along with that, Woods will not appear in many other corporate events and tournaments. This means that he will miss out on all the appearance fees that he would acquire if he had been a part of those tournaments and outings.

Appearance fees are basically fees that are offered to the players for just showing up at the different events.

Woods will not play in Argentina at the America’s Golf Cup for which he would have got an appearance fee of about four million dollars. Plus Tigers Woods will not attend two corporate outings to be held in Asia for which he would have got around two million dollars per appearance.

The main thing that Woods wants to do now is to focus on his recovery and get prepared to give tough competition next year at Augusta to the rising golf player- Rory Mcilroy. Mcilroy is often compared to Woods due to his recent successes.

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