Masters champ Willett set to become England’s richest golfer

Masters champ Willett set to become England’s richest golfer

Danny Willett has been pelted to be England’s richest golfer ever after his historic and dramatic Masters win.

Danny was anticipated to mesh up to £5 million in off-course profits in the next 2 years after getting just the 2nd Englishman to sport the desired Green Jacket.

The 28 year old had won over £9 million in prize money already before his maiden major win that took him more than the £10 million mark. There is still a very long way short of Lee Westwood, the Sunday’s runner-up, who is England’s top earning player having collected over £37 million in winnings.

But Nigel Currie, a sports marketing expert, was convinced Danny would go on to catch up with Lee Westwood, for whom a 1st major continued to prove subtle. Speaking to the Telegraph Sport, he told that he is really all set to be England’s top paid golf player of all time.

He added that if he never won another major, his off-course earnings for the next year or 2 would be in the region up towards £5 million. That would go on or increase further if he goes on and wins other majors. There would be a lot of bonuses that would be sparked by this anyway from current sponsorship contracts but, in terms of his management looking for new sponsors now, it becomes a whole new game for him.

At present, Willett is sponsored by luxury watch manufacturer Audemars Piguet, hotel chain Saujana and Calloway.

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