Last Chance Stand

Last Chance Stand

Lee Westwood is well determined about this year’s Augusta National because this is perhaps going to be his last Major now that he has reached 40. Lee Westwood has been born as an Englishman but he is now in Florida.

18 months ago, he was ranked 22 in the world golf rankings. He also had 39 wins all along the world tours that he had been. The reason why he left his country to come to live in Florida is perhaps because of certain changes in his team which he could not have coped up with that is the release of Coach Pete Cowan and caddie Billy foster.

But when asked Lee Westwood said that he been thinking of moving for quite some time. He was irritated with the bitter cold weather in England because the winters kept him from working hard for tournaments and his practice sessions, as per his feeling, were being hampered. His kids are not that grown up as yet and so he felt it as the right time to move to Florida. Now that he has made a move, he has set up a good practice sessions that would help him to reduce the rust in his skills. This is what Lee Westwood said about his moving, “It seemed like the right time. I played on the PGA Tour a lot last season and really enjoyed it and fancied a new challenge with the family. The prospect of being somewhere warm was appealing and the kids were a good age to move. I can’t see how the move won’t help.”

But the fact that everyone around is saying that he has turned and it is last time for him to get a Major is not bothering him at all. He just loves to be a part of the game and that is what he is concerned with.

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