Golf Betting

Golf Betting

Due to the fact that a tournament can last up to, and over, four days, with leaders changing usually at in incredible rate the game of golf can have fans hooked for extremely long periods of time. The topsy turvy nature of the sport also attracts plenty of sports betting fans who, especially since the advent of internet gambling, can make bets all the way through a tournament. This includes betting during that tense last round when the pre-tournament favourite three is looking a lot shakier than it had during the previous two days.

The biggest events in golf are the four majors. These are the Masters, The US Open, The Open Championship and the PGA Tour Championship. The size of these events is reflected in the amount of people betting in them and because of the size of the tournament, and the sheer amount of pressure on the top players, means that, in a strange way, the chance of an upset is not unlikely.
This has been illustrated this year as although superstar Phil Mickleson did win the Masters, Northern Irish player Graeme MacDowell won the US Open and South Africa’s Louis Oosthuizen caused the real shock of the year by coming from nowhere to win the Open Championship at a canter.

These long shots are almost impossible to guess at the beginning of the tournament but if you watch the standings throughout the tournament and keep your eyes on the odds then you may well be able to pick out a few surprises of your own. Be aware that you can also place bets on the highest scorers and things other than the tournament winner so lifting the trophy is not the be all and end all.
The one thing that you really need to do is get to know all of the individual golfers, their habits, form and their performance in different weather conditions, types of courses etc. If you know the abilities and habits of the players that you are betting on then you will know that you are making an informed decision about where you place your money.

The gambling market has expanded with the many online sports betting bookmakers, furthermore online casino games providers like have also developed games specifically for this particular target market. Sports themed casino games like the video slots Lucky Shot and Argyle Open are available to play online with the chance to win jackpot prizes. There are also other games which are based on other major sports on offer as well in order to broaden the entertainment that sports provides.

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