Adam Scott thinks Tiger would have his year

Adam Scott thinks Tiger would have his year

US Masters winner Adam Scott has always been a jovial person and knows his limitations on and off the field. So, when the assembled media at The Barclays asked the Australian whose season he would rather have – his own or the one Tiger Woods has had, his answer proved to be extremely interesting.

The first ever Australian to win the US Masters stated very confidently that he would rather have his own year but went on to add that as far as Tiger Woods is concerned, he might want the year he has had considering the fact that major number 15 has been proving extremely difficult for him.

And the entire media could read a lot into the statement made by Scott. Although not many could say that he has fired a shot at Tiger, they could easily say that it wasn’t a nod to the year the legendary American has had this season as well. And especially when one puts into perspective that the words were echoed by Adam Scott, who is an extremely soft spoken and affable character, things become very interesting indeed.

And there is actually a point to what the Australian has stated. He would, without a doubt, trade the five titles he won on Tour this year for five strokes at Augusta, which would have seen him lift his 15th major title. When one considers the fact that Tiger Woods has gone 0-4 in majors this season, it is extremely surprising that he has been so consistent in other events this season, winning five titles from twelve events.

And although Tiger Woods has won more titles this season than Adam Scott has won throughout his career, it is the lack of major success that would haunt him quite a bit and there, Scott has an advantage.

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