Adam Scott Disappointed With His Performance In The Opening Round Of PGA

Adam Scott Disappointed With His Performance In The Opening Round Of PGA

Before the PGA Championship began, Adam Scott had made it clear that he wanted to make sure that he performs well in the tournament so that he can give tough competition to Rory Mcilroy who is at the moment the Number 1 Masters Champion.

However, Scott had also asserted the fact that Mcilroy surely deserved the number 1 position since Mcilroy had won three major tournaments. While on the other hand, he had just won one major event. Therefore he really wanted to play well in the PGA Championship.

During the opening day of the PGA Championship held in Louisville, Adam Scott turned out to be a big disappointment. He was not able to give his best in the opening round.

According to Scott, the PGA Championship is the easiest championship because the set up is very simple. Thus he hopes that his bad performance in the opening round is not repeated in the future rounds of the championship.

Adam Scott agreed that he did not play well in the opening round. In his opinion, he is out of rhythm and practice. He is also committed a few errors which created further problems for him.

Scott is aware of the fact that in order to have golfing round that is good, all putts have to be made especially if you are not able to hit it right. But during the opening golf round to the PGA Championship, Scott failed to make all his putts.

The Australian golfer was actually the World No. 1 Golfer from the month of May to the month of July, 2014. However, he was dethroned last week from the number one rank by Rory Mcilroy.

If Scott really wants to get back his number one position then he has to pull up his socks as soon as possible.

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