Dustin Johnson will come out stronger, says Gretzky

American golfer Dustin Johnson has told his future father in law Wayne Gretzky that his hiatus from golf will be the making of him and it will make him a better and more responsible person altogether, and by extension, a better and more professional golfer as well, according to Gretzky.
Gretzky was speaking to a Canadian radio channel recently where he made the comments regarding his future son in law who has had a troubled couple of years due on to on and off field problems.
Gretzky stated that obviously this time away from the sport that he loves will not be perfect for him as Johnson loves golf and he has been going through a very tough time. And according to Gretzky, he had a talk with Johnson about and during that conversation, Dustin Johnson has told him that this time away from the sport will be a blessing in disguise and he believes it will make him a better and more responsible person and that in turn, will make him a better athlete and a better golfer as well.
Gretzky said that people seem to forget that even athletes are human beings and even they have bumps on the road in front of them, but Gretzky said that most important of all is the fact they know he is a wonderful person and the whole family cares about his wellbeing.
The veteran American went on to add that he is a part of the family and everyone loves him, and when a member of the family goes through such a difficult time, it only makes the bonding within the family a lot tighter.
Dustin Johnson is engaged to Paulina Gretzky and announced in July that he would be taking a leave of absence from the sport for personal reasons amid reports that he has been suspended by the US PGA for six months.